Protecting Vulnerable Adults

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Protecting Vulnerable Adults

Protecting vulnerable adults in our communities from being the victims of crime, abuse, and exploitation is a key priority. This page explains why this is an important area of work for us and describes what we will do to make sure that what we will do to keep vulnerable adults safe from abuse and exploitation.

Why Is This a Priority?

Protecting and supporting vulnerable adults within our communities is a very important in Rotherham. This ranges from protecting vulnerable adults from harm, crime, and becoming victims of exploitation, as well as, preventing them from becoming victims of modern slavery and providing support with substance misuse and mental health.

What Have We Done?

The dedicated Mental Health Clinical Specialist, based within the Police Safer Neighbourhood Service, has played a key role in tackling the challenges of mental health.

Over 1,700 mental health support interventions, delivered between April 2019 and March 2022, ensured that adults with mental health needs were provided with, or signposted to, the most appropriate support, reducing their vulnerability to becoming involved with the criminal justice system as either a victim or perpetrator. 

How the partnership responds to people with complex needs has been improved further through the restructuring and additional resourcing of the Community Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference, working towards reducing offending against vulnerable adults. 

There were 233 managed referrals between April 2018 and March 2022.  The support provides a bespoke multi-agency response for individuals to reduce risks and vulnerabilities. 

Reducing offending of high frequency offenders has been a key focus of the partnership.

For example, in 2019-21, the partnership managed 110 cases, resulting in crimes committed by the managed users reducing significantly. During 2021-22, support plans were in place for all people managed under the Integrated Offender Management scheme who are in the community or coming up for prison release. The support offered through the plans resulted in reduced offending by the majority of those subject to them along with wider support in respect of employment and housing.

The Partnership enhanced its response to tackling modern slavery and human trafficking with the introduction of 13 council officers trained as single point of contact officers. This has resulted in improved working practices between agencies and higher levels of service to potential victims of modern slavery and human trafficking.

What Are We Doing Now?

Substance Misuse

Our aims: increase engagement and positive outcomes from substance misuse treatment services for offenders within the criminal justice system.

Mental Health

Our aims: review the use and impact of mental health treatment requirements in the criminal justice system.

Our aims: review dual diagnosis pathways to support service users with mental health and alcohol/mental health and alcohol/drug use treatment needs.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Our aims: increase understanding of the potential signs of modern slavery through training and awareness raising with partners.

Our aims: raise awareness with the public around the signs of modern slavery and mechanisms for reporting.

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