Keeping Rotherham Safe

Here are the key areas we’re working on to make Rotherham safer. We want you to feel safe in your local area and we’re working together on these priorities every day in your community.

Our priorities

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Protecting Vulnerable Children

We are preventing children from becoming victims of abuse and exploitation, working with partners and the public to reduce the risks through increased awareness and reporting, accurate recording of investigations and quality outcomes.

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Protecting Vulnerable Adults

We are protecting vulnerable adults in our communities from being the victims of crime, abuse, and exploitation. We are working with partners to prevent modern slavery and provide support with substance misuse and mental health.

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Safer and Stronger Communities

We are working with partners to build safer and stronger communities in Rotherham. We are taking a multi-agency problem solving approach to tackling neighbourhood crime and anti-social behaviour. We are taking action to prevent hate crime and the increasing risks from online crime.

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Domestic & Sexual Abuse and Violence Against Women & Girls

We're preventing Domestic and Sexual Abuse, stalking and harassment, forced marriage, honour-based violence, and female genital mutilation. We're working with partners to protect women and girls from male violence. We're supporting victims to get help and rebuild their lives.

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Violence and Organised Crime

We are working to protect people from being drawn into violent and organised crime. We are working as a partnership to proactively target and pursue criminal groups who are causing the highest harm in our communities

What is the Rotherham community safety partnership?

We’re a community safety partnership with statutory responsibilities, established under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 to “make Rotherham safe, keep Rotherham safe and to ensure communities of Rotherham feel safe.”

What this means is that the Safer Rotherham partnership is not an independent body; we operate under the law that’s already been established, working with government and agencies to make Rotherham a safer place to live, work and play.

We’re required by law to develop and implement a partnership plan to explain how authorities will work together to tackle issues that make people in our community feel unsafe.

View the partnership plan

We don’t have the same powers as the Police, so we don’t arrest people and we don’t take anyone to court. Instead, we team up with the Police and other partners to create strong strategic action plans for leadership, planning, performance management and problem solving to deliver positive, long term solutions for the people of Rotherham.

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