Domestic & Sexual Abuse and Violence Against Women & Girls

The freephone, 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline 0808 2000 247 

National Support:

Women’s Aid

Women’s Aid offers a range of services including support for victims, training, and education for professionals, as well as raising awareness for domestic abuse.  

Men's Advice Line

The helpline for male victims of Domestic Abuse providing support over a helpline or webchat.


Galop supports LGBT+ people who are victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence, hate crime, so-called conversion therapies, honour-based abuse, forced marriage, and other forms of abuse.

Local Support:

Rotherham Rise

Rotherham Rise provides a range of services for men and women, including an advice phoneline, supported refuge accommodation, support for children, young people and families and counselling.

South Yorkshire Police (SYP)

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, you can report it to the police by calling 101 or you can complete an online form. If it is an emergency call 999.

Inspire To Change

Inspire to Change is a programme for men and women who have been abusive, controlling, or violent towards their partner. The free course combines learning and support tailored to an individual’s need.


A counselling service, which specialises in working with survivors of sexual, physical or emotional abuse and domestic violence (living or working in Rotherham).

Sexual Abuse Referral Centre

The Sexual Abuse Referral Centre offers free support and practical help (including medical care) to anyone in South Yorkshire who has experienced sexual violence and/or sexual abuse.  Their service is completely confidential, and you do not have to give any personal information in order to get help.

Apna Haq

A survivor-led organisation with many years of experience in the forms of violence that disproportionately affect BME women, including forced marriage, honour-based violence and child sexual exploitation. As well as an understanding of the cultural issues that these communities face when seeking support, such as language barriers and community pressures.

RASSO Next Steps Booklet

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Domestic & Sexual Abuse and Violence Against Women & Girls

Reducing domestic abuse in Rotherham is one of our key priorities. This page explains why this is an important area of work for us and describes what we will do to make sure that instances of domestic abuse are reduced, and people are kept safe from harm.

Why is This a Priority?

Domestic abuse crimes accounted for 18% of offences reported in Rotherham in 2020-21 but remains an under-reported crime.

Sexual abuse is massively prevalent. 21% of all sexual offences were ‘sexual assault on a female aged 13 or over’ and ‘rape of a female aged 16 and over’ made up 19% of all sexual offences.

The murder of Sarah Everard sparked national outrage and expectations for change.

The pandemic has intensified inequalities that put women and girls at risk of gender-based violence.

What Have We Done?

A new partnership Domestic Abuse Strategy was published in January 2022 that builds on the strong progress made by the previous strategy. Significant investment has been made in enhancing domestic abuse support services for victims, including new central government funding, which has supported the implementation of new duties under the Domestic Abuse Act 2021.  

Since April 2018, an average of almost 3000 referrals a year were made to domestic abuse support services and just over 6700 domestic abuse crimes and incidents were recorded each year. A range of commissioned voluntary and charity sector services delivered support, counselling, housing and refuge services to domestic abuse victims and survivors. Council housing services provided immediate support and housing for victims and children fleeing domestic abuse. A domestic abuse competency framework was put in place to ensure partner agency staff and professionals developed the knowledge and skills they need. 

All Rotherham schools are participating in Operation Encompass, which ensures immediate support to children experiencing domestic abuse.

Publicity campaigns have reached out to local communities, including ‘Ask for Angela’ and ‘Ask for Ani’ initiatives with shops, public houses, and other safe places. The HARK initiative is a fast-track service for hospital A&E, GPs, dentists, opticians, and pharmacists to obtain support for victims. Technological solutions such as Smart Water forensic spray and TecSOS technology facilitates emergency service help to victims at the time they need it most.

Rotherham has been a successful partner in the development of domestic abuse perpetrator programmes across South Yorkshire for male, female, and young perpetrators.  Evaluation has shown that the programme has supported perpetrators to change their behaviour.

What Are We Doing Now?

Domestic Abuse

Our aims: transform domestic abuse services, in line with the partnership strategy, to improve outcomes for victims.

Ensure all those fleeing domestic abuse are able to access safe accommodation and appropriate support 

Improve the use of criminal justice measures to better protect victims

Sexual Abuse

Our aims: review and refresh the sexual abuse delivery plan, focussing on victim engagement. 

Improve timely reporting of sexual offences to increase forensic opportunities.

Male Violence Against Women & Girls

Our aims: reduce male violence against women and girls by focussing on hot spot locations and repeat perpetrators.

Deliver awareness raising events, projects and promotions aimed at improving women and girls’ safety and feelings of safety.

Victim support – Non-Domestic stalking service

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