Plans and key documents

Plans, key documents and important information

These pages provide partners, professionals and residents with key information about the work of the Safer Rotherham Partnership. You can also visit the information for practitioners and learning resources pages for further information.

Safer Rotherham Partnership Plan

This plan sets out the vision and priorities of the partnership and shows how we plan to get where we want to be.

Safer Rotherham Partnership Plan

The Eastwood Deal

This plan delivers a focus on promoting understanding and tolerance by engaging and communicating with residents in Eastwood. It sets out how partners will respond effectively to crime, anti-social behaviour (ASB) and environmental complaints.

Safer Rotherham Partnership - The Eastwood Deal

Domestic abuse strategy

This strategy defines how the Safer Rotherham Partnership will continue to develop and strengthen, and make further progress against the aim to reduce domestic abuse.

Safer Rotherham Partnership - Domestic Abuse Strategy 2017-2020

Honour based violence protocol

This document sets out the protocol for partner agencies to follow when dealing with honour-based Violence and Forced Marriage Protocol.

Safer Rotherham Partnership - Honour Based Violence Protocol (PDF)

Domestic Homicide Reviews Rotherham

Redfern final report

Redfern Confidential Brief

MA Overview Report

MA Executive Summary

Adult Neil 2016

Executive Summary v0.1

Overview of Report

Rotherham’s community safety partners