Tackling serious and organised crime

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Tackling serious and organised crime in Rotherham is one of our key priorities. This page explains why this is an important area of work for us and describes what we will do to reduce serious and organised crime.

Why tackling serious and organised crime is a priority

The most common type of crime amongst organised crime groups is the supply and cultivation of drugs. The National Crime Agency recommends more proactive prevention work to stop young people becoming involved. The most deprived areas of South Yorkshire are most affected, so we need to work on this in Rotherham.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking is a problem across the UK, and we know this exists in Rotherham. We need to identify the true extent of this in Rotherham. Twelve offences were recorded last year in Rotherham, but we suspect that this is a larger problem that the reported numbers show.

When it comes to serious and organised crime, victims are scared of harm coming to themselves or their family, which makes them reluctant to engage with the Police or other agencies. People who know victims might not realise that they are victims and instead treat them as criminals.

In Rotherham, the big issues we need to tackle are pop-up brothels, sexual exploitation, forced begging, shoplifting, growing cannabis, domestic slavery and benefit fraud.

What will we do to tackle serious and organised crime in Rotherham?

To tackle and disrupt organised crime, we have adopted the following four pronged approach:

  • Pursue – We are relentlessly disrupting and prosecuting criminal activity through collaboration, cooperation and development of capabilities.
  • Prevent – We are preventing people becoming involved in serious organised crime by raising awareness, developing intervention programmes and managing offenders.
  • Protect – We are helping local communities to be less vulnerable to the threat of serious or organised crime by educating, raising awareness and creating safeguarding links.
  • Prepare – We are developing our capabilities to identify and tackle organised crime gangs and strengthening partner relationships to help us tackle this together.

How will we know if we’re getting it right?

Here’s how we will measure the effectiveness of the work we’re doing:

Our aim

Our measurement

Raise awareness of serious organised crime

Number of awareness raising sessions with partners

Increase identification of organised crime groups

Numbers identified and mapped

Increase partnership led disruption

Number of actions to disrupt or dismantle organised crime groups

Violence Reduction Unit

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