Building confident and cohesive communities

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Building confident and cohesive communities in Rotherham is one of our key priorities. This page explains why this is an important area of work for us and describes what we will do to make sure that people in Rotherham work together, trust each other and feel confident to report local issues.

Why building confident and cohesive communities is a priority

Community cohesion is vital to achieving a safer and more harmonious Rotherham. Demonstrations and protests here in recent years have heightened community tensions and incidents of hate crime increased, and not all of these incidents are being reported. The ongoing criminal trials linked to child sexual exploitation offences could give rise to further tensions.

Community division and segregation affects many aspects of our lives and this can prevent our communities thriving. This is why we need to work on building community cohesion, to create a common vision and sense of belonging and to help each other to value people from different backgrounds and circumstances.

We need to develop strong, positive relationships between people from different backgrounds in the workplace, in schools and education, and in local communities.

What have we done already to build confident and cohesive communities in Rotherham?

We’ve focused on increasing the reporting of hate crime, with a project led by Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance (REMA). This was funded by the partnership and raised awareness across more than 2000 people. The project has also supported more than 100 victims. The project has been well received by communities, the voluntary community sector and faith organisations. The project has developed a strong approach to hate crime reporting and supporting victims of hate crime.

We’ve also worked with partners to strengthen our shared understanding of community tensions and to improve how we respond.

We’ve worked together with the Building Strong Communities Group, which has secured significant funding to strengthen integration and manage the impacts of migration.

So far we’ve seen the following results:

  • A reduction in reported anti-social behaviour incidents
  • A 33% increase in reported Hate Crime
  • 276 hate awareness raising sessions held
  • An increase in satisfaction with Police handling of hate incidents

What else will we do to build confident and cohesive communities in Rotherham?

We will robustly tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and work to prevent people becoming victims.

We will make sure that joint community engagement and tension monitoring plans are in place, as well as reviewing the town’s approach to policing protests to limit the impact on the community and town centre businesses. We will work with the Home Office to avoid events leading to public disorder.

We will build increased confidence to report hate crimes through ongoing engagement, support and by bringing hate criminals to justice.

We will work with the media to make sure people in Rotherham are made aware when perpetrators of hate crime and large-scale public order are prosecuted.

We will actively seek feedback and use this to improve our ways of working and to help us improve the outcomes of our work.

We will prioritise the delivery of services to those most in need, making sure that we have a visible presence in the areas where this will have the most impact.

How will we know if we’re getting it right?

Here’s how we will measure the effectiveness of the work we’re doing:

Our aim

Our measurement

Anti-Social Behaviour

Number of recorded anti-social behaviour incidents

Countering extremism/preventing terrorism

Number of engagements/interventions

Hate crime

Increase customer satisfaction levels

Building Community Cohesion

Number of partner contributions to the Community Tension Impact Assessment process